Born in the culinary sophisticated city of Charleston, there’s a reason that we’ve excelled at what we do for over two decades.

In addition to stellar coffee, King Bean offers unmatched equipment support and maintenance, customer support, training—everything you need to get your coffee program up and thriving. And we do it with the intrinsic warmth, integrity and hospitality as only a company that’s grown up in Charleston can do.


Sourcing great coffee is a skill that takes time to master. Our coffee buying prowess scopes twenty years and our coffee portfolio boasts every flavor note. From light, specialty coffees to dark roasted classics, we’re able to customize your coffee program based upon your needs. Inquire too about seasonal micro lots and rare coffees—unique opportunities to upsell your customers at the table.

Equipment Support

Our coffee program is integrated, offering a whole gamut of solutions from water filtration to equipment maintenance and support. We offer individualized equipment programs including equipment installation and ongoing service and preventative maintenance. Our technicians are available 24/7 via our emergency service line.


Our team’s diverse culinary backgrounds offer unmatched account support and training. Whether your staff is made up of professional baristas or beginners, we understand the food and beverage industry and our training takes cue from this angle. We’ll work with your staff so that they can make a great cup with our coffees every time, even in high-paced restaurant and café environments.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines demand expert skill. With our own in-house service department, we offer quick, responsive service and we always have a solution; keeping your profits brewing, even if your espresso machine temporarily is not.

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Kurt Weinberger

Love me some King Bean!! I proudly serve the best to an upscale clientele in Charleston and with great satisfaction. Their customer service and tech service is first class.

Adam Cloyes, Chef
Carolina Yacht Club

King Bean is an incredible partner for our resort.

Gray Ferguson, General Manager
Palmetto Bluff

King Bean roasts the coffee I like to drink perfectly for our proprietary blend. Dark roast beans with a buttery sheen. Simply delicious.

Carrie Morey, Owner
Callie’s Charleston Biscuits and Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Restaurants