King Bean Coffee Roasters was founded on the simple idea of bringing good coffee to the South.

Owner and founder Kurt Weinberger began King Bean Coffee Roasters in his parents’ garage in South Carolina in 1994. He was 23 years old and had recently finished a stint in the navy, stationed near Seattle.

The coffee scene was exploding in the Pacific Northwest, but hadn’t found its way to South Carolina. Kurt, the son of fine dining restaurateurs, fused his newfound passion for coffee with his culinary upbringing. He purchased his first roaster, a small and humble Diedrich, and began roasting coffee. His parents’ restaurant was our first wholesale client.

Kurt Weinberger,

Founder, CEO

Kurt’s zeal for Italian-made craftsmanship drives his fascination with espresso machines and coffee culture. Kurt believes wholeheartedly in restoration: overhauling classic machines, like our custom roaster, whose craftsmanship cannot be compared. Kurt’s dream car is a vintage Ferrari, he loves smoking BBQ on the weekends and he drinks several espressos—black—throughout the day.

Katie Weinberger,

Marketing Director

Katie reads and writes and breathes coffee. A graduate of the University of Georgia (degree: English), she met husband Kurt in a coffee shop in 2003 while working as a barista. She loves to tell the story of our little coffee company. Her favorite coffees are lighter roast Ethiopians and prefers to drink her coffee while spending time with her family each morning.

The Italians perfected the art of coffee roasting, so when upgrading our roasting system, we sought an Italian-made Petroncini roaster. Considered by some the masterworks of Italian engineering, Petroncinis are lauded for their exceptional temperature stability throughout the roasting drum.

petroncini roaster

Our Petroncini roasts


of green coffee with artisanal care and precision, and stands next to our original 12-kilo roaster




South Carolina