Loving our coffee and living in the Lowcountry has perks!

King Bean is offering Local Pickup.

We’re offering a Local Pickup Option for all retail items in our online store.


To order and pick up your coffee fresh from our roastery at 3939 Dorchester Road, follow these three easy steps:


place your order through our website.

Orders must be placed no later than 3pm on Thursday to be ready on Friday.


at checkout, enter coupon code: Localpickup

Shipping will not be charged.


pick up your order at our roastery.

Fridays between 11am and 2pm. It will be bagged and ready for you to take home and enjoy!

Freshly Roasted Coffee

We're proud to offer Local Pickup for our Lowcountry Friends.


Where are you located?

Our roastery is located at 3939 Dorchester Road,
North Charleston, SC.

I placed my order, can I pick it up another day other than Fridays?

No, sorry. We’re a working wholesale roaster and allot only Fridays 11-2 pm for pickup times.

I missed my pick up date. What can I do? Can I get a refund?

At this time, we’re not offering refunds for items not picked up. However, we’re happy to move your items to the following Friday to be picked up. Email us at shop@kingbean.com to arrange this and for any other questions.

I received an order confirmation email and it stated that my order would be shipped shortly. What’s the deal?

This is the default message of our online ordering system, so please disregard. Shipping was not computed or charged and your order will be available for pickup. However, if you receive a separate shipping notification email with a USPS tracking number, please alert our office at shop@kingbean.com.

Can I use a discount code + local pickup?

Our e-commerce site supports only one discount code at a time. LocalPickup is considered a discount code.