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An Inside Look at What We Do

December 11, 2017

We've often said that we're more than simply a coffee roaster but it's hard to put everything we do into words. Our new brand identity video showcases what we do best. Serve our customers.

We wanted to highlight EVERYTHING we do at King Bean in this video. While that might be impossible, we did record parts of our day, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at our daily routines. You'll see Richie roasting coffee, Alex loading up the van for deliveries, Corey training customers, and JP rebuilding an awesome vintage La Marzocco machine.

From our Wholesale Inquiry Page :

In addition to stellar coffee, King Bean offers unmatched equipment support and maintenance, customer support, training—everything you need to get your coffee program up and thriving. And we do it with the intrinsic warmth, integrity and hospitality as only a company that’s grown up in Charleston can do.

How did we do? Take a peak at our new brand identity video and let us know what you think!


3 Magical Coffee Moments to Create this Holiday Season

December 4, 2017

During the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to grab your coffee in the morning, gulp it and go. Whether we’re shopping for gifts, prepping for guests, hosting parties, we’re all BUSY.

The good news? Coffee can help us celebrate, slow down and enjoy the holidays. Below are three coffee moments you can create to make the season more magical:  

1. Cultivate Mindfulness with your Morning Brew

Try a pour over. This seems counter intuitive—I’m too busy! But I find that slowing down to brew a pour over forces me to appreciate the process. The kettle whistles, the steam rises as you pour hot water over the grounds that bloom. It’s a sensuous experience, one that creates breathing space in my day and cultivates patience.

And it’s delicious! Merry & Bright is my current fave.


2.  Host a Cookies and Coffee Party

School’s out and the kids are ramped UP. This is something I like to do to keep my son busy and to make time with my friends. Make (or buy) plain sugar cookies, invite kids and their moms over and have the kids decorate the cookies with sprinkles and icing. Brew coffee for the moms. After decorating, the kids can play while you and your friends sip coffee and catch up. It's win-win and an easy way to host a low-key holiday celebration.


3. Create a Coffee Cocktail

Now I don’t normally advocate drinking in the morning, but an Irish coffee on Christmas morning is a treat that helps relax me and get ready for the day. It’s easy, decadent and I love to sip it while we’re opening presents. We like this recipe from cocktail expert Jerry Slater.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate with coffee? Comment over on Facebook and let us know!